A little sharing of what I’ve been up to!

Helloo! Soooo I kind of started this blog at a very busy time for me workload wise…but as of this time next week I’ll have a lot more time and energy (actually…maybe not energy) and am happy to say I’m … Continue reading

New Year, Paris and a favour to ask….

Happy New Year Everyone!!! Hope you all had a spectacular 2012 and are ready for 2013…I’m not entirely sure I am but thus is life! I’ve just come back from an amazing trip to Paris which I went on with … Continue reading

Clinique: Make Someone HAPPY

So if, like me, you feel like you’ve been having a terrible week, you’re exhausted and emotional and you can’t be bothered with anyone or anything…then please watch this playlist! Clinique asked 10 international film makers to “prove that happiness … Continue reading