BLOGMAS DAY SEVEN: My current winter lip

One of the best things about winter is winter lipstick. In the summer I wrote in a blog post that I was desperate for the Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in the shade Pirate, only to receive a text message from … Continue reading


A moment to talk about lovely lipstick…and my new talent!

Well helloooooooooooooo there! I am completely flooded with dissertation work…woe is me! But I thought I could take a moment out of my day to share my new lipstick from Mac. It is lovely, and while it does not summarize … Continue reading


Ombre lips, Sprinkles and……Superheroes??

After blogging my Spontaneous Friday Night Makeup yesterday, I’ve felt inspired and excited to try something similar! I have also been looking at a lot of inspiration make up wise and I’ve been loving the ombre lip trend that’s been … Continue reading


Spontaneous Friday Night Make Up

Recently me and my friends have become decidedly boring. We found ourselves sat at about 11pm last night traipsed over each other on the sofa, in silence. One of us being me- make up lover extraordinaire, Josh- photographer extraordinaire and … Continue reading


Cameron Russell: The Power of Image

As someone who writes a blog where I write a lot about appearances and about beauty…I think it’s important to remember that while beauty products and makeup are great and a really enjoyable outlet and hobby, but it’s not all … Continue reading


OOTD: Pub dinner with friends!

So I thought I’d do my first ever OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)! Last night I was off for dinner with my friends, and with all the hard work I have been doing I was dreading the temptation of having … Continue reading


You’ve come a long way, baby!

Hello, hello, hello! I’ve had a busy old week, with the practical half of my dissertation happening last Wednesday (proper post and film about that coming as soon as I can get hold of some footage filmed by the school) … Continue reading



Hey guys!

First off, Happy Weekend!!!! Hope you’re all having a splendiferous (not sure that’s a word…it is now) weekend! I posted a link to my survey a few posts ago, however the link seemed to have died so I had to faff around with my account and eventually Karen Harris came to my rescue (THANK YOU AGAIN ❤) and so I thought I’d just give it a quick share here in the hopes some of you might have a moment or two to spare for little old me and my little old survey?! Anyway…I’m waffling now and taking up way too much of your time!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Jess xxx


A little sharing of what I’ve been up to!

Helloo! Soooo I kind of started this blog at a very busy time for me workload wise…but as of this time next week I’ll have a lot more time and energy (actually…maybe not energy) and am happy to say I’m … Continue reading