BLOGMAS DAY EIGHT: Variations on Salted Caramel and Pecan Chocolate Cookies. Yes.

I am very, very far behind on this Blogmas business, due to being poorly and distracted and not being able to find certain resources for recipes and many other excuses, but I am determined to catch up and here is … Continue reading

I wanted to go to New York….so I made Black and White Cookies (RECIPE)

I need to introduce you to someone. Someone very, very special. I have a child, his name is Mauro and he is named after this man. YES, it’s Mauro from Cake Boss!!! And this is my baby…hoorah for turning 21! … Continue reading

I wish I was at London Fashion Week…so I baked. (Recipe included!)

So London Fashion Week is EVERYWHERE right now. I’m feeling pretty jealous of anyone even slightly involved. I’ve spent my day drooling over the shows and the make up and everything fashion week. Here are a couple of favorite ridiculously … Continue reading

Spontaneous Friday Night Make Up

Recently me and my friends have become decidedly boring. We found ourselves sat at about 11pm last night traipsed over each other on the sofa, in silence. One of us being me- make up lover extraordinaire, Josh- photographer extraordinaire and … Continue reading