BLOGMAS DAY SIX: Still have Christmas presents left to buy? Ohh Deer

No, I am not just bad at spelling, ‘Ohh Deer’ is a website which I discovered while hunting for interesting Christmas presents. The website was set up by an architect who left his job in 2011 and the site now … Continue reading

When I grow up does it mean I have to stop doing this…?

I don’t want to grow up. I’m approaching (with way too much haste) my 21st birthday. Does 21 mean I am a grown up? If I so choose I’ll be able to apply to adopt a child, get a pilots … Continue reading

New Year, Paris and a favour to ask….

Happy New Year Everyone!!! Hope you all had a spectacular 2012 and are ready for 2013…I’m not entirely sure I am but thus is life! I’ve just come back from an amazing trip to Paris which I went on with … Continue reading

Clinique: Make Someone HAPPY

So if, like me, you feel like you’ve been having a terrible week, you’re exhausted and emotional and you can’t be bothered with anyone or anything…then please watch this playlist! Clinique asked 10 international film makers to “prove that happiness … Continue reading

A day with Josh Hawkins Photography!

One of my best friends is also one of the most talented people I know! His photography is absolutely spectacular and last weekend me and a few fellow dancers were lucky enough to spend a day doing a dance photoshoot with him! Here’s a couple of pictures from the day that he has edited so far, I’ll be sure to share more as they come! Hope you enjoy them!ImageImageTo look at more of his photography please go to his facebook page: