If I hadn’t put myself on a spending ban, I’d be buying…

Featured on the front of the Sunday Times Style Magazine this week is Liberty Ross, wearing the most gorgeous lipstick. Since I can’t let myself buy it as I am struggling on the last of my student overdraft, I HAD … Continue reading

When I grow up does it mean I have to stop doing this…?

I don’t want to grow up. I’m approaching (with way too much haste) my 21st birthday. Does 21 mean I am a grown up? If I so choose I’ll be able to apply to adopt a child, get a pilots … Continue reading

I wish I was at London Fashion Week…so I baked. (Recipe included!)

So London Fashion Week is EVERYWHERE right now. I’m feeling pretty jealous of anyone even slightly involved. I’ve spent my day drooling over the shows and the make up and everything fashion week. Here are a couple of favorite ridiculously … Continue reading