BLOGMAS DAY SIX: Still have Christmas presents left to buy? Ohh Deer

No, I am not just bad at spelling, ‘Ohh Deer’ is a website which I discovered while hunting for interesting Christmas presents. The website was set up by an architect who left his job in 2011 and the site now works with 35 illustrators to create great gifts, clothing and “everything else in between”, and I must say: I am smitten.

They are doing a 12 Days of Christmas promotion, which means this is a different offer every day, today it is 15% off everything! Not a bad day to find the site!

Anyway, so they make vegan cushions, and whilst I am not a vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian/anythingataraian I think that is pretty darn cool. What is cooler though are the cushions themselves. I have limited myself to linking these five to you, as I’d probably end up linking them all otherwise!

The Rupert Cushion
The Bloom Cushion
The Life is a Great Adventure Cushion
The Paris Cushion
The Zhu II Cushion

I think these would make such great presents, and I just spotted one with a red panda wearing a jumper which would be perfect for someone I know! A lot of the cushion designs are also in the form of coasters, prints, t-shirts and jumpers, which is diminishing the strength of my self restraint!

Something else I think is really sweet on their sight are called ‘Seedbom’. The idea is that you soak the Seedbom in water and throw it in your garden in an area with soil and natural light, and whichever seed you chose will grow there! I particularly like the idea of the ‘Beebom’, which produces flowers rich in nectar which should attract bees.

They also sell some great sounding chocolate which I am really keen to get my hands on and do some baking with!

I definitely recommend having a look at this website for Christmas presents…or for a midweek treat!

Jess xxx


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