BLOGMAS DAY FOUR: Little Maccy Claus the dog and the Gingerbread Jumper

Had to share this picture of little Mac the dog, what could be more festive than this!


Spent my Sunday wrapped up in scarves and jumpers wandering around an, extremely busy, St Albans town followed by a much needed pit stop in Starbucks with Nathan. He opted for a hazelnut latte and I had a peppermint hot chocolate, with cream, two seasonal classics. This led to a brainstorming session for ideas of Christmassy recipes for Blogmas- and may I say we have come up with some GENIUS ideas, which I am looking forward to making and sharing on the blog, and Nathan is looking forward to eating.

What would have made this trip to town extra Chrismassy and nice would have been the purchase of this Gingerbread Man Jumper from Topshop! The website says it is sold out but I concur as I have seen it/nearly bought it in two branches this weekend!

gingerbread jumper

This is definitely not to everyone’s taste but I like the idea of a cheesy Christmas jummy to wear around the festive time! Though I do not have £42 to spend on one!

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!

Jess xxx


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