Twilight and Dakota Fanning’s Make up!


So I have never been a ‘Twihard’ (I hope I haven’t made that word up…) in particular but I do like to see the films, and after seeing all the hype about the newest film, I was actually very excited! It was good…to an extent, I sort of feel let down by the ending, everyone else I saw it with loved it though- so don’t take my word for it at all! Anyway, I just quickly wanted to get this out while it’s fresh! And also post this as a reminder/promise that I will do an in depth post about Dakota Fanning’s make up in the film because it was absolutely beautiful and striking and I couldn’t help but gawp and it and wish I was her! Must sleep now, just thought I’d share while I remember/am inspired!

What do you think of the Twilight Saga? And this make up look?!

A day with Josh Hawkins Photography!

One of my best friends is also one of the most talented people I know! His photography is absolutely spectacular and last weekend me and a few fellow dancers were lucky enough to spend a day doing a dance photoshoot with him! Here’s a couple of pictures from the day that he has edited so far, I’ll be sure to share more as they come! Hope you enjoy them!ImageImageTo look at more of his photography please go to his facebook page: