A little (awkward) hello


HELLO! After obsessing over various beauty blogs and youtube channels for quite some time and musing and dilly dallying about starting my own for just as long, THIS IS IT! Trying to decide what to say in a first post has been tricky…do I just jump right in and start blurting out to you everything I know, tell you an amusing story and hope to entertain you, or do I just say ‘hi’ and hope that maybe this will be enough to interest anyone to ever come back…..like, ever? I’m still undecided! I don’t think I’ve ever managed to get far back enough into anyone’s blogs to know how people start, so I’m kind of hoping no one will ever end up reading this either! But if you do, please please please don’t judge me on this?! I just had to get started and now that I have, I promise there will actually be some content, other than me rambling! So this is my ever so slightly awkward and very lame thumbs up to say hi!

Oh and the purpose for this blog is part beauty blog and then partly about cake, musings about my weird life, randomness that I like or that inspires me, and various other bits and bobs! ENJOY!